The Offline section came to life in 2022 as a complementary addition to Displaay Type Foundry's collection of typefaces. Offline offers a carefully curated selection of beautifully crafted products, including books, brochures, posters, prints, zines, and merchandise, all featuring our unique typefaces. Many of these products are the result of close collaborations with talented designers and our trusted creative allies.

Driven by our passion for design and a genuine desire to bring our typefaces to life in tangible forms, we embarked on creating physical objects offline, using various technologies on diverse surfaces and materials.

Our goal with Offline is to not only bring joy to you, but also to ourselves, upon the release of new fonts and by providing moments of delight in between releases.

As a responsible and quality-conscious brand, we hold sustainability in high regard and meticulously produce our products in small quantities. We take pride in collaborating with local manufacturers and like-minded partners who share our unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability.