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Watch out! Denim (typeface) works in any situation! It’s doubly powerful when paired with Denim PATCHES. These possess the power to elevate any mundane piece into a bold statement. And we’re not only talking about jackets, sweaters, bags, and totes, but also fancy pants or worker’s overalls… Let your fantasy run wild!

This patch set was designed in collaboration with Forth+Back Studio. The inspiration behind it draws from signage in industrial workplaces. Sure thing! These patches are big and bold enough to catch anyone’s eye, and they’ll hold up in any situation – plus, they’ll keep you looking stylish!

DO YOU WANNA SNAG ’EM ALL FOR A SWEET DEAL? Buy a BUNDLE—a collection of all four designs.

Font in use: Denim Coll.


Works in Any Situation: 7,5 × 11,5 cm 
Notice: Denim Medium Italic: 8 × 11,5 cm
Wear it Wide: 9,5 × 9,5 cm
Watch Out: 8 × 10,5 cm
Technology: embroidery
Application: sew-on patches
Made in Czech Republic.


Graphic design and concept: Forth+Back, Andrea Vacovská
Photography: Viktorie Macánová
Model: Marek Pistora
Production: Andrea Vacovská

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